Easing Back into Life After a Multi-Day Trip

Whether you prefer to row or raft, you’ll likely head out on a multi-day trip at some point in your affair with the sport. Spending several days on the river is a magical experience—you’ll relax, explore a part of the Colorado wilderness you’ve never seen, and stay away from the most mundane parts of your “real” life. However, retaining a piece of this magic and tranquility can be difficult upon returning home. You’ll have just spent several days “off the grid” and away from daily stresses and distractions; everything is likely to hit you all at once. Before long, you’ll start thinking about the emails that have piled up, the messages you need to respond to, and getting back to your job come Monday.


So, to help you ease back into normalcy, here are a few tips for maintaining a post-trip happiness.


Send yourself a postcard while away. While on your rafting or rowing trip, write down a revelation or the events of a particular day on a postcard. As soon as you hit land or civilization, drop that card into a USPS blue box. When the postcard arrives (likely after you will), you’ll be transported back to a very specific moment on the river.


Spend some time on your own. When you get home, find a place to be quiet and still. The biggest shock of return is, for most people, the inability to find peace and quiet. Manufacture a “peace and quiet” space and return there when life gets too hectic.


Share the experience with your friends. Nothing transports you to a place better than telling your closest friends and family about the experience. Have a few people over and regale them with tales of your unforgettable river adventure.


Don’t leap head-first into work. Take it as easy as possible. Reintroduce yourself to social media one app at a time. When you first get your phone back, put it on silent. Skim your email for emergencies, then wait to respond until you’re back at work. Give yourself some time before you start filtering and responding.