The best way to start a serious rowing habit is to join a local club. In Colorado, Boulder is the undeniable epicenter of the rowing world. But if you’re not a college student or if you don’t live in or around the Boulder area, this doesn’t really matter. Finding a crew, or even reliable means to practice your sculling and sweeping, is hard enough. Location and convenience have to be part of the equation. And so we’ve created this list of Colorado rowing clubs.


UC-Boulder: Colorado Crew
Boulder, CO


Boulder Community Rowing, Inc.

Boulder, CO


Colorado Jr. Crew

Boulder, CO


Colorado Rowing

Breckenridge, CO


Rocky Mountain Rowing Club

Denver, CO


Mile High Rowing Club

Greenwood Village, CO


Frisco Rowing Center

Frisco, CO


Fort Collins Rowing Association

Fort Collins, CO


Loveland Rowing

Loveland, CO


Longmont Sculling Club

Longmont, CO