Rafting vs. Rowing in the Rocky Mountains

In contrast to rowing, rafting is primarily about navigating the natural rapids and turns of a river, often in a mountainous area where a change in elevation and the introduction of rocks can make for an exciting whitewater experience. Still, it’s not all about death-defying rapids. Many people love river rafting for the still waters, incredible scenery, and general sense of adventure. Many rafting groups bring along some number of smaller kayaks or inflatable duckies in which active rowing may be necessary to navigate parts of the river.

If you’re looking for rigorous exercise, an emphasis on form, and competitive sports, rowing may make more sense for you. If you’re looking for adventure, good times with friends, and the remoteness that comes with many river trips, then rafting probably has more of what you’re looking for.


Here’s a quick sense of what Rocky Mounting Rafting looks like:

Rowing Dories on the Colorado River


Rafting on the Colorado River (Inside the Grand Canyon)