We don’t know if you’ve heard, but rowing and rafting can get expensive. Fortunately, here at Rocky Mountain Rowing and Rafting Association, we have several things going for us. One, our friends and family have been rafting for decades now. So, we have regular access to 12- and 14-ft whitewater rafts, as well as some access to larger 16-ft rafts. We’ve also been able to supplement this early fleet with some new and additional kayaks.

You can typically find yourself a quality self-bailing raft for a couple thousand dollars, but rowing and shells are a different matter altogether. Modern carbon/fiberglass shells are tens of thousands of dollars for a full crew. Here, again, another thing we have going for us is that, with our sponsor list, we didn’t have to pay retail prices. Our corporate sponsors helped us offset the cost any further. Along with our kickoff event this year, we wanted to say thank you to our sponsors both for making our club possible but also to give them a general shout out for contributing to our Rocky Mountain communities.


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