We wanted to say thank you to everybody helped make our new uniforms possible and to help other teams understand what we went through and how we went about designing and producing our uniforms. There are a couple things we learned along the way and a couple ideas that we had that we think turned out really well. And so we wanted to share.

We could have bought generic jerseys for less, but not that much less, and it sort of felt like it defeated the purpose. We like to push ourselves as much as the next team, but entering and winning top competitions was never our top priority. Our top priority was to nurture a sense of team camaraderie, create opportunities to develop closer friendships, and challenging ourselves to stay physically fit across generations. Many of us have participated in collegiate rowing teams in the past, but a couple of us were newbies.

Uniform, Apparel, and Label Makers

Unless you know someone who can get you a sizable discount while also making sure you’re happy with the final product, we strongly recommend talking to multiple companies and getting multiple estimates. Another thing to think about is the fact that the company which makes the uniforms doesn’t necessarily have to be the same company that makes the label makers.

We looked at a few different rowing-specific uniform makers, most notably Boathouse and Regatta Sport. They were ready and willing to design and produce custom uniforms—for a price. And it was tempting. But instead we realized we can save a few bucks and have fun designing our own custom uniform labels by working with two very different companies.

We know that REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods will special-order uniforms for your team. We actually went with Target in the end, but then—and this is the key—we also hired It’s Mine Labels, a custom label making company.  to do. We didn’t want anything too flashy or too much like high-action team sports where names and/or numbers are essential. Nevertheless, we wanted something to know whose uniform was whose and for general laundry purposes. Small woven labels custom made for the team that included individual names along with the team logo were perfect.

Uniforms on Their Way

Thanks again to our sponsors and other people who helped with fundraising events to fund our uniforms, equipment, and excursions while minimizing membership dues. We’ve officially ordered our uniforms, and with a little luck, we’ll have them in a few weeks’ time. We’ll try to keep you updated once they arrive and we’re able to put them to good use.